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The Team

While Blue Tang Software is new, we've been working with small businesses in all manner of areas since 1999 through previous ventures such as Blue Tang Web Systems and Big Bear IT Support. Our philosophy is that of cooperation, bringing together talent from various areas and out sourcing where appropriate. We're great with code but do better with professional graphic designers or copywriters.

Peter, affectionately known as 'Pete the Geek', brings 40 years experience in both research and commercial software development. His expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, from embedded systems, database design, UI and Website design, small business software to such esoteric areas as speech recognition and neural networks.

He'll be the main contact on any work you commission, and will liaise with you on your requirements and the way forward with project planning and means of delivery. Contact Peter (or Pete the Geek) on 0131 564 0384 or use the contact form provided

Rachel bore responsibility along with Peter in setting up Blue Tang Web Systems in 2001, and played a key role in bringing to fruition a number of key projects that formed the backbone of the partnership, including backend work on HappiSix, possibly the 1st online lottery to launch in the UK.

Rachel has a broad experience in matters of software development with a strong analytical bias, with particular interests in high performance parallel computation, big data and medical imaging.

Blue Tang Innovations

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