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by Peter Thurston A railway modeller is in his loft firing up his Flying Scotsman, setting the route to Edinburgh and off she steams. He, and it is almost certainly a ‘he’, is controlling his trains and signals using what is known as Digital Command and Control or DCC for short. Electronic signals travel from his control panel to the tracks where computer chips in the trains a ...

The re-write and modernisation of Big Bear Model Rail software reach's a milestone with the first successful end to end, screen to model, layout demonstration.

The chances are that you, or someone you know, received an Amazon Alexa for Christmas. If not an Alexa, maybe a Google Assistant, or some other smart speaker. Yes, love them or loathe them, these little boxes of electronic joy are slowly creeping into our lives and it’s approaching the time that we need to ask, should my business be making moves to exploit the potential of voic ...

It's time to start playing with those trains. To prove that we can control the layout remotely, we will be using an Azure IoT hub to send commands to a program linked up with the railway and we'll make things happen. In theory, this could be done by someone on the other side of the world!

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