Calculate the Check Digit for the UK RS4CC Postal Barcode

Sample UK postal barcodeThis utility calculates the UK postal barcode check digit as used in bulk mailings and post office mailsort.

Enter the postcode and delivery point suffix (DPS) (or 9Z if unknown). Press Calculate Check Digit. The resulting code to use in your barcode will be displayed. On your address label you will need to represent this in the UK Postal Code Font (download font here). Not to be confused with the US ZIP barcode which look similar but does not include a check digit and only handles digits. For example the postcode SN82DU (9Z) will return (SN82DU9ZT) This code including the brackets will form the bar code on the address when displayed using the correct font.

Click Here to download the Post Office guidance document on mailsort and the display of postal barcodes.

Post Code + (DPS) (if you don't know it, use 9Z)
( )

Result - copy this including brackets to a label or address and display using the Post Office bar code font.

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